Access Music City

Access Music City is a program that provides a “win-win” for Nashville-area businesses, their current or potential patrons who have disabilities, and the Nashville community at-large by identifying accessibility-friendly facilities and services so that all citizens of and visitors to Nashville can make informed choices of where to go in the “it city.”

We’re excited to announce that we are now partnering with Blue-Path, an national, online accessibility survey tool and database that provides interested people with information to make informed choices in where to spend their time and money; but also gives immediate access to survey a business for its accessibility. Businesses can also use the tool to self-assess and/or request an in-depth assessment by an accessibility specialist.


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Visit Blue-Path for more information, conduct a survey, or request a survey.

We’re currently converting our database of previously surveyed Nashville restaurants to be listed on Blue-Path. Please check back for updates. And by all means, please feel free to survey using the tools on Blue-Path.

For more information about the program or to get involved, please contact us at or 1-866-992-4568.




DISCLAIMER: The surveys conducted by Empower Tennessee, our volunteers, or by the public, and posted to this website or on Blue-Path, are intended to provide people with disabilities with a resource in making informed choices in selecting businesses to patron, based on the accessibility of the facility. The surveys are also intended as a  tool in educating businesses about the importance of accessibility as a means of increasing patronage. However, the information recorded in and conveyed by the survey may not be used to determine compliance with the ADA or other applicable codes; nor should any review or comment be construed to mean that the facility complies with any or all requirements of Title III of the ADA or other applicable codes.