Nashville Celebrates 25 Years of the ADA!

This year, April 15th wasn’t just the final day to do our taxes. It was the day that the Center for Independent Living hosted an event honoring the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act–the ADA. The event lasted for about 2 hours and was held at a local community center. Mayor Carl Dean spoke about what the ADA means to him. In addition, advocates Carol Francisco, Kenton Dickerson and our very own Emily Hoskins spoke about the ADA’s impact on their lives. Carol and Kenton shared memories of life before the ADA. As a person who was born in the mid-eighties, I was too young to remember the odds which Carol and Kenton faced with such unwavering determination and to hear their personal accounts both moved and shocked me. Emily then followed, providing a look at how the ADA has impacted her life and what she hopes the future will bring. All the speeches were awesome, well executed and thought-provoking.

Along with the speakers, there were a few performers. A dance company, Company D, composed entirely of youth with down syndrome, rendered what I’m told was a beautiful and intricate dance performance. Local singer/songwriter Tammy Vice and Logan Blake rendered both covers and original selections. Though Logan has a form of autism and is nonverbal, he is a truly gifted singer and is able to sound exactly like those artists he covers. These ranged from Josh Turner to Willie Nelson.

All in all, the event was a huge success! Around 70 people in all joined us there and got the unique opportunity to see the ADA Legacy Bus which is touring the country in celebration of 25 years of the ADA’s existence. To view photos from the event, please visit our website as well as our facebook page.

If you have thoughts on how the ADA has impacted your life, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Ashley Moseley, LMSW
Social Worker & AT Teacher