It’s the Simple things

For those of us living with one or more disabilities, we are quite familiar with barriers. Whether they are physical barriers, barriers to employment, transportation, or medical care, or attitudinal barriers, they can sometimes seem overwhelming. But we also know that even the little steps in the right direction can go a long way.

I have lived it in my own life, and now I see it in my job. It’s amazing how one simple thing can make such a huge difference for a person with a disability. One simple adapted ride on toy can give a child the ability of mobility and independence. One simple metal portable ramp can allow a person to leave their home for the first time in years. One simple bus ticket can get a person to an interview for a job they desperately need.

It’s with donation funds that we’re able to supply direct assistance to consumers. Because of this, we’re participating in The Big Payback – a huge Nashville exclusive drive to support local nonprofits. It’s with these funds that we can continue our programs to assist consumers. These funds will allow us to fulfill that “One simple thing,” whatever that may be.

I know times are tough, but believe me when I say that every dollar counts. Little by little, those dollars will add up. With your support and donations, we can make sure that those little dollars will add up to something one simple, but amazing thing that can make the difference in a life of a person with a disability in our community.