September 12, 2018

Empowered Ladies
2:00  PM – 3:00 PM
Empower Tennessee Offices
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October 10, 2018

Empowered Ladies
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Empower Tennessee Offices
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Want to advance the Independent Living Philosophy across Tennessee and beyond?

We welcome qualified candidates of all abilities to apply for employment with us.

Currently available positions (click on job title for full description):

None at this time


Q: What does “independent living” mean?

A: That varies from person to person. “Independent living” doesn’t always refer to where you live or with whom you live. It’s about being in control of life choices. Maybe you need help accessing transportation options. Maybe you’d like to find work or go back to school. Maybe you’re not even sure what you need to find greater independence. Whatever independent living means to you, Empower TN staff can help you get there.

Q: What kinds of disabilities do people you work with have? Am I eligible for services?

A: We serve people with any type of disability covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act. We serve those with mobility issues, sensory impairments, intellectual disabilities, mental illness and more. Did you also know that under the ADA, people with conditions like diabetes, cancer and asthma are also covered? Our staff works with anyone that self-identifies as having a disability, or parent of a child with a disability.

Q: Do you offer counseling services?

A: No. However, we do offer individualized peer support. Please visit the Peer Support page for more information.

Q: How much can I work and still keep my social security check?

A: This is a complicated question because the answer is different for every person. However, these are the important things to know:

  • You CAN work without automatically losing your benefits.
  • You can work and still keep your health insurance.

Whether your benefits will be affected depends on several factors: Social Security benefits, job earnings, work history, family size, and other benefits you may be receiving. Our CWICs are trained to look at all of these factors and help you make a plan to reach your highest earning potential while ensuring you aren’t negatively impacted.

Q: Do you offer in-home tech classes?

A: No. All tech classes are held at Empower TN’s on-site computer lab.

Q: Does Empower TN own or operate any housing?

A: No. However, Empower TN staff can connect you to valuable community resources that assist with a variety of housing needs.

Q: Can you help community members search for affordable and accessible housing?

A: No. Please contact the Empower TN’s IL Specialists and they will provide information on agencies that provide this service and support.

Q. Is there any cost for your services?

A: A majority of our services are free to individuals with qualifying disabilities. However, Empower TN does have a few fee-for-service programs, including brailling of materials and website accessibility testing. If there are costs, you will be notified before services are provided. In general, services are free to the community.


We’re a small team with a big mission; and it takes energetic volunteers in every community to make the impact of our work sustainable. Empower Tennessee is always looking for people of differing abilities and skills who are interested in empowering people with disabilities. Whether it’s facilitating a peer group, serving on the Board, writing blogs, planning an event, assessing a restaurant for accessibility, or teaching a skills class, we welcome those who are ready to serve.

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