• It’s Never Too Late To Advocate

    Valentine’s Day was especially sweet for many Tennesseans this year as it was the same day as Disability Day on the Hill. DDH 2018 connected self-advocates and advocates across the state with their elected officials at the newly renovated Cordell Hull building. Despite the dreary weather outside, inside collaborative spirits were high and many individuals […]

  • Be Your Own Valentine: The Importance of Self-Care

    Since February 14th is Valentine’s Day, we at Empower Tennessee thought it would be a timely month to examine self-care, which is defined by Britain’s Department of Health as “the care taken by individuals towards their own health and well-being-including the care extended to the family and the community. The definition is broad and encompasses […]

  • Art Can (and should) Transcend Disabilities

    Attending the Frist Center for the Visual Arts family festival on November 12, 2017 was more than just a free fun event to share with my husband and children. It was a chance to demonstrate to my loved ones, and myself, how art can and should be experienced by all. Since substantially losing sight and […]

  • Thoughts from an Employed Person with a Disability

    Education? Check. International experience? Check. Functionally proficient in a second language? Check. Volunteer activities and community involvement? Check. Vocational rehabilitation? Check. Stellar resume with relevant work history? Check. Interview practice? Check. I’m ready to job search! This was running through my mind in spring of 2014 as I proudly accepted my Certificate of Completion with […]

  • Not An Ordinary Ride Home

    Smart phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Office keys? Check. Cane? Check. I went through my routine checklist today as I prepared for my hour and a half trek home from work. With all necessities in tow, the respectful driver gently assisted me into the para-transit vehicle for my usual trip to my Davidson County border transfer […]

  • The Value of Comics

    I recently came across a friend’s Facebook post stating that she was ecstatic her son with dyslexia was reading…unprompted…on his own…for fun. Although not a personal fan of the post-apocalyptic genre herself, she could not help but be thrilled and feel proud when she witnessed him voluntarily reading a Walking Dead graphic novel with enthusiasm. […]

  • It’s the Simple things

    For those of us living with one or more disabilities, we are quite familiar with barriers. Whether they are physical barriers, barriers to employment, transportation, or medical care, or attitudinal barriers, they can sometimes seem overwhelming. But we also know that even the little steps in the right direction can go a long way. I [...]