Marquisia Maxie

Marquisia Maxie has been employed as a Community Work Incentives Coordinator with Empower Tennessee since October 2013. She brings an educational background in psychology and professional counseling from Liberty University and over 14 years of experience working in the mental health and human services field, to the Benefits to Work program.  Her professional experience includes; working as an Employment Consultant with Pathways Healthcare, a Drug Addiction and Behavioral Disorder Counselor with Mid-South Treatment Center, and as a Supports Broker with The Arc of Tennessee Consumer Direction program.  She gained additional experience through leadership by developing a peer support group for individuals diagnosed with psychiatric symptoms and/or physical disabilities.  She has also served as a facilitator for several groups during her employment with Pathways Healthcare including; Illness Management Recovery, Job Readiness training, Wellness Recovery Action plan classes developed by Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland and Anger Management groups. Marquisia is driven by her passion for helping people with disabilities become their own advocates and break down barriers that prevent them from working and moving forward in life. She also believes that knowledge is power and is committed to providing a high level of excellence in educating and supporting people with disabilities, so they can make more informed decisions regarding working and other important aspects of their lives.  Marquisia looks at her position not as a job but as an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the individuals she serves each day.