• Our Strengths

    When you think of the word strengths, what comes to mind? Is it a job interview where you’re sitting across from your perspective employer and she/he asks you, “So … what are your strengths?”? Maybe for you, it’s that college/grad school application in which you are required to explain why their institution could use someone [...]
  • “Responsibility? That’s Just Life”

    One of my primary responsibilities here at the CIL is facilitating peer support groups. I truly enjoy getting to know some of the people I work with. I see many of these people not only as "consumers," but also as friends. From time to time these folks will say something that just sticks with me. [...]
  • Go Baby Go! Music City ISS Build Day

    Last week, almost the entire CIL staff attended a major international conference, the International Seating Symposium (ISS).  We were at the Opryland Hotel Convention Center Tuesday-Thursday.  Tuesday was a pre-conference workshop we were a part of which featured the GBG program.  Wednesday was Consumer Day and Thursday was the first day of the actual conference [...]